Wallpapers HD of the White Collar TV Show

This police production from Jeff Eastin gives a twist to the procedural series by showing us a criminal working hand in hand with the police. His long years on the other side of the law will make him ideally suited to stop threats and catch the most elusive crooks. Neal Caffrey (Matthew Bomer, 'In Time', 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Origins') is a skilled art thief who, after being one of the most wanted, was eventually caught and put behind bars. After a long stint in a maximum security prison, and with not much time left on his sentence, he escapes to be reunited with his beloved.

However, the elusive thief ends up being caught by the agent who had been tracking him for years, Peter Burke (Tim DeKay, 'Chuck', 'Law & Order: LA'). And instead of sending him back to prison, he suggests a deal: using his criminal experience, he recruits him to become his assistant to catch other dangerous criminals in exchange for his freedom. In this way, he will be paired in the FBI with the head of the New York City crime unit.