Wallpapers HD of the Wrath of The Titans Movie

About Wrath of The Titans

"Wrath of The Titans" is a fantasy film known for its legendary characters and epic mythology. In this movie, viewers will encounter a variety of memorable characters who embark on a heroic quest in the world of ancient gods and monsters.


Perseus is the film's valiant hero and the demigod son of Zeus. He is determined to rescue his father and stop the resurgence of the Titans and their malevolent leader, Kronos.


Zeus is the powerful king of the gods. He plays a pivotal role in the movie's plot, as he is captured and his release is crucial to preventing disaster.


Andromeda is a noble princess who stands alongside Perseus in the battle against the Titans. Her courage and determination aid in the quest.


Hades is the enigmatic god of the underworld and Perseus's uncle. His complex character and motivations add depth to the film's storyline.


Kronos is the monstrous and formidable leader of the Titans. His emergence poses a grave threat to the gods and the world, driving the film's epic conflict.