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Description of Better Call Saul

Jimmy McGill ( Saul Goodman )

James "Jimmy" Morgan McGill, later known as Saul Goodman, is an Albuquerque criminal lawyer known around town for his quirky late-night television commercials, in which he mentions his slogan, "Better Call Saul!".

Goodman's name is made up to attract more customers, as Saul Goodman is pronounced as "it's all good man". Despite his shady appearance, Saul is undoubtedly a very competent man in his criminal affairs, efficient at spotting loopholes in cases and able to negotiate good deals on behalf of his clients.

He has a great familiarity with the criminal world and connections with some of the most influential dealers, such as Gus Fring.

Mike Ehrmantraut

Michael "Mike" Ehrmantraut is Gus Fring's main henchman in his drug empire. He is also Saul Goodman's partner, for whom he works on several occasions as a private investigator and problem solver, the go-to man in complex situations. With the end of Gus' empire, he ends up working with Walter and Jesse in a new business. He is a family man who does what he does for his granddaughter, Kaylee.

Mike is a former neighborhood cop and a true professional who has a full knowledge of forensic clues, surveillance equipment and police procedures. He is also fully trained to be cool in a variety of combat situations, where he ends up using science and good strategy to take down a large number of enemies without causing a ruckus. We can see him in Breaking Bad.

Kim Wexler

Kim is a competent lawyer whose studies have been paid for by Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill, the law firm where she goes to work. She is friends with Jimmy McGill, with whom she had a relationship during the time he worked delivering mail at the firm. Kim celebrated with Jimmy and two colleagues when he passed the bar exam, although Jimmy was never hired by HHM.

Gus Fring

Gustavo "Gus" Fring was the criminal leader of a drug empire and the owner of the Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant chain. A Chilean-born business magnate and philanthropist. He was initially affiliated with the Juarez Cartel, which secretly used his restaurants as a legitimate front for methamphetamine distribution throughout the southwestern United States. Like Walter White, Gus was a criminal who hid "in plain sight," using his social position as a philanthropist to hide his true nature as he built his empire.

Hector Salamanca

Hector "T�o" Salamanca was one of Don Eladio's most trusted men in the Ju�rez Cartel. As a result of a stroke, he ended up disabled in a wheelchair and unable to speak, having to communicate through a bell attached to the chair. The DEA is aware of his relationship with the cartel and that he is Tuco's uncle, but they assume he has been out of the business for many years.

Eladio Vuente

In the 1980s, Don Eladio learned of the methamphetamine production of a small restaurant that emigrated from Chile. Not interested in methamphetamine because the Cartel only deals in cocaine, Don Eladio decided to punish the traffickers. Inviting the two owners of the restaurant to his house, Eladio suddenly flatters the guests until suddenly Max is killed by Hector, one of the cartel's capos on orders from their leader. After stopping a furious Gus from attacking Hector, Don Eladio reveals to the young man that he knows who he is and advises him to stay away from the drug trade for his own good. (Hermanos) Some time after Gus' business grows, Don Eladio makes peace with the man and partners with him, having him as his main distributor in the southwestern United States.

Tuco Salamanca

Tuco Salamanca is a Mexican drug dealer who briefly acted as a methamphetamine distributor for Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.